Coconut sponge


A light fluffy sponge flavoured with desiccated coconut, served with smooth custard.

Price included in main meal.



Meal information

Cooking/heating Instructions



700 watt/category D

Cook time: 4 minutes

Standing time: 1 minute

800 watt/category E

Cook time: 3 minutes

Standing time: 1 minute

900 watt/category E

Cook time: 3 minutes

Standing time: 1 minute


Please note ovens will vary. Cook meals from frozen.

Pre – heat oven to 120°C/Gas mark 2 for approximately 20-25 minutes or until piping hot (Do not exceed these temperatures).

Nutritional information (per 100g)

Fat (g)4.6g
of which saturates (g)2.3g
Carbohydrates (g)24.1g
of which sugars (g)14.4g
Protein (g)2.0g
Salt (g)0.3g


  • Eggs Eggs
  • Gluten - wheat Gluten - wheat
  • Milk Milk
  • Soybeans Soybeans
  • Sulphur dioxide Sulphur dioxide

Suitable for

  • Low fat
  • Vegetarian